*****SNOW ROUTE UPDATES (Last updated 12/11/18 2 :40pm)*****

Weekly Route schedule will be as follows

Wednesday – 12/12/18 – Monday Routes will be run.  When those are complete Tuesday routes will begin and drivers will run until dark.

Thursday – 12/13/18 – Tuesday Routes will be completed and Wednesday routes will be started.  Drivers will run until dark.

Friday – 12/14/18 – Wednesday Routes will be completed and Thursday routes will be started.  Drivers will run until dark.

Saturday 12/15/18 – Thursday Routes will be completed and Friday routes completed as well.

This week there will be NO IN-DRIVE SERVICE.  All trash MUST be at the curb to be picked up.  No trucks will be on snow covered or icy roads.  Drivers have the final word and judgement call as to where it is safe to drive for customer pick ups.  If your trash is not picked up this week we will be on regular schedule next week and ALL of your trash will be picked up at this time.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to make decisions with the safety of everyone in mind.  

Welcome to McMinn Waste Removal!

McMinn Waste Removal is a family-owned business serving Henderson County, North Carolina.  Since 2006 we have been setting a new standard in trash pickup and removal in the Western North Carolina area.

It is the McMinn family name on the trucks, so we take our responsibilities seriously.  We believe our company’s growth is a testament to the quality of service that we provide, with a continuous commitment to produce a greener tomorrow.

McMinn Waste Removal’s focus for the future is creating a greener Henderson County.  We are concentrating on recycling to preserve the beauty of Western North Carolina for our future generations.  We are working toward keeping Henderson County green by accepting more recyclable items.  For a complete list of these items, please check out our recycling page or click on the quick link below.  Thank you for your cooperation in this continued effort.